Brain Myths: Left-Brained People Are Organized, Right-Brained People Are Creative


Myth 1: Left-Brained People Are Organized, Right-Brained People Are Creative

We’re a stubborn people who become set in our ways, so it’s no wonder we want to believe that our inclination towards creativity or organized thinking is decided at birth. The right- or left-brained myth suggests we’re simply fulfilling a version of our genetic destiny and we should accept our strengths and weaknesses as part of who we are. But as Lisa Collier Cool points out in her article for Yahoo Health, we’re not really right- or left-brained at all:This myth began in the 1800s, where doctors discovered that injury to one side of the brain frequently caused loss of specific abilities. Brain scan experiments, however, show that the two halves of the brain are much more intricately linked than was originally thought, so problem-solving or creative tasks fire up activity in regions of both hemispheres of the brain, not just half. It is true that the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and vice versa, so a right-brain injury can cause disability on the left side of the body.More recently this myth has been used as an attempt to explain creativity, dyslexia, and even homosexuality in left-handed people, but the origin of the southpaw is still a mystery. Whether or not there is a compelling link between right- or left-handedness and specific common traits remains to be seen, but rest-assured that being more creative or more organized doesn’t inhibit you from having a talent for both.


What is Reality and the Reality Matrix?

A New Theory of Reality

What is Reality?

Our brain receives data from our senses:

  • Visual data from our eyes
  • Auditory data from our ears
  • Gustatory data from our tongue
  • Olfactory data from our nose
  • Somatosensory data from our skin and nerves

Our brain takes all this data and creates a virtual world experience that we call reality.

We remember state in the form of engrams or memories which allow us to perceive change.

How do we change reality?

With intention, we take actions that change “reality” which at its basic levels alters our data stream which changes our stored state of what we remember.

When we go to sleep, our brain is explicitly cutting off our senses and creating a feedback loop where a brain generated reality is fed into the input of those senses creating an alternative world that we call “dreaming”.

When we are dreaming, we typical believe we are in “reality” except when we are lucid and are able to realize we are in this sleep dream state, in which case we are able to create and control our “dream world” with explicit intention.

To put it simply, when we believe it is not reality we create our experience explicitly. So either reality has external rules and structure that we must follow or our consciousness creates them when we believe we are in “reality”.

So at it’s most basic level, reality is a very personal and subjective data stream that we are able to influence through intention and attention.

What is Time?

Now let’s think about time. Conventional thought is that time flows naturally in the forward direction in progression of one event after the next. The term “time travel” is used to convey moving your awareness to a different event in the sequence either in the future or the past of where you think you are now (where your attention is).

If we completely throw away this concept of time and time travel, then we can posit something much more interesting and reflective of what we really experience.

Time is a data stream of input into our senses and, when we direct our attention to a different data stream, we have a different reality.

What is the Reality Matrix?

In essense, we could be simple static entities using intention, attention and self-reflection to change the content of our data stream thereby forming a reality with a variable time rate (sequence of discrete events) and even arbitrary content within the universal content of history (both past and future).

We perceive time as a thread of events. An event at the lowest level are sub-atomic particles interacting with each other in a certain way and producing a new arrangement resulting from quantum uncertainty (which is to say we don’t know what happens at that level). Quantum mechanics poses that every possible outcome is true when a event is in a quantum superposition. This means everything happened. So we have a universe where there is a matrix of every single possible arrangement of reality in which our consciousness travels a multi-dimensional path through this space time matrix. Our consciousness, our attention collapses the superposition and creates a path through the matrix we call our history and life situation.

We have certain cognitive tools available to us for whatever unknown reason. Those tools allow us to navigate a path through the reality matrix which is what we call “living”. Some examples of tools we use are “walking”, “manipulating”, “looking”, “talking”. All these are simply abstractions of an unknown mechanism that moves our consciousness through the reality matrix creating the illusion of causality.

To use a simple analogy, You’re standing in a city with a standard grid street layout at the cross section of street 1, avenue 1… and you were just born. You walk a block and you’re at street 1, avenue 2… you just experienced a month of life with all the richness, joy and pain that block provided. Now you have a choice, you can got to street 1, avenue 3 or street 2, avenue 2. Both cross sections exist, but your consciousness can only go to one place because that is the nature of our single threaded experience of time.

But all nodes are available to you if you have the right tools and use them in such a way to enter that node.

The Existential Universe

At the most highest level we could simply be the universe with infinite threads of consciousness traveling EVERY single path on the reality matrix. This level is pointless to talk about since we are limited to a single threads of something we can’t perceive or comprehend.

Shadows and Mirrors

We’re really trying to see ourselves, where are we… what is consciousness. But you cannot perceive yourself, so we can never truly know. We are looking at mirrors and shadows to create models of what we can barely piece together by looking at the impact we make on our data stream of reality which is constantly shifting us to different nodes on the Reality Matrix.

If we take what we perceive as absolute reality, then we are deluding ourselves.

Of course what I’ve written here is by definition a finite model of an infinite reality.


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Brain Talking to Itself a Sign of Counsciousness

Scientists have long hunted for a pattern of brain activity that signals consciousness, but a reliable marker has proved elusive. For many years theorists have argued that the answer lies in the prefrontal cortex, a region of high-level processing located behind the forehead; neural signals that reach this area were thought to emerge from unconscious obscurity into our awareness. Recent research, however, supports the idea that consciousness is a conversation rather than a revelation, with no single brain structure leading the dialogue.


Legal Synthetic Marijuana 3 to 5 Times More Potent Than The Real Thing

Marijuana, K2 and other synthetic marijuana variants contain active chemicals that cause psychoactive effects when consumed. They are part of a class of compounds known as cannabinoids. The cannabinoid in marijuana is the naturally occurring delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. The Johnson County Crime Lab in Kansas has identified two synthetic cannabinoids in K2: JWH-018 and JWH-073. Cannabinoids act by binding to two types of nerve receptors known as CB1 and CB2. Both receptors are linked to proteins that regulate neurotransmission


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increased availability and use of synthetic cannabinoids, which when smoked mimic the effects of marijuana but typically cant be detected in drug tests.


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Remarkably, MRI brain scans revealed clear structural changes in the brain as soon as five days after TDCS. Neurons in the cerebral cortex connect with one another to form circuits via massive bundles of nerve fibers (axons) buried deep below the brain’s surface in “white matter tracts.” The fiber bundles were found to be more robust and more highly organized after TDCS. No changes were seen on the opposite side of the brain that was not stimulated by the scalp electrodes.The structural changes in white matter detected by the MRI technique, called diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), could be caused by a number of microscopic physical or cellular alterations in brain tissue, but identifying those is impossible without obtaining samples of the tissue for analysis under a microscope.


Looking at Naked Women Makes You Smarter

A new study from Finland has discovered that looking at nude women makes you smarter.Professor Jari Hietanen noted that the more undressed the models were, the quicker the gray matter in the brain sprung into action. The brain worked faster and more efficiently to process the nude bodies and was increasingly slower to function the more clothes the models wore.In conclusion, instead of drinking coffee in the morning, go look at nudie pictures. It sharpens your brain and you dont have to worry about staining your teeth.


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BRAIN shrinkage in people with Alzheimer’s disease can be reversed in some cases – by jolting the degenerating tissue with electrical impulses. Moreover, doing so reduces the cognitive decline associated with the disease.


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